Clarity at Home – our online recovery and wellbeing programme

These are difficult times for many of us. Understandably many are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, depression, addiction issues or a general feeling of disconnectedness. In order to support those going through challenging times, we have created ‘Clarity at Home’, a four-week wrap-around programme that can be delivered virtually, wherever you are in the world.

Individually tailored, evidence-based programme, delivered online by our team of experts in the comfort of your home.

The programme has been designed for anyone wishing to:
  • Improve their mental wellness and clarity
  • Learn new tools and ways to regulate stress
  • Create healthier coping strategies
  • Work on compulsive behaviours
  • Advance their communication skills and relationships
  • Support to define and achieve goals
  • Work through and learn how to manage difficult feelings
  • Reduce anxiety

Our online programme is personalised to each client, providing them with the tools and strategies to manage their own, often complex, circumstances.

Our programme incorporates a whole range of holistic therapies

Our experience of delivering inpatient addiction and mental wellness programmes has shown us that self-improvement support needs to take a holistic approach to have the greatest impact.
Our online programme incorporates both group and individual counselling sessions, personal training and fitness, diet and nutrition advice, holistic therapies including mindfulness and meditation – all of which can be personally tailored to meet your individual needs.

Mindfulness & Meditation

  • - Reduces stress levels and reduces anxiety
  • - Enhances sleep quality
  • - Improves attention span & cognitive functioning
  • - Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • - Facilitates increased awareness and clarity in thinking

Individual counselling

  • - Increases self-awareness
  • - Creates a safe space for self-exploration
  • - Improves communication skills
  • - Develops healthy coping strategies
  • - Supports clients to help identify and achieve goals

Group therapy

  • - Improves relationships and communication tools
  • - Establishes a supportive environment
  • - Encourages connection and relation to others
  • - Helps with emotional regulation and distress tolerance
  • - Promotes accountability and collaborative advancement

Fitness & Nutrition

  • - Personalised fitness and nutrition plan
  • - Reduces stress and anxiety
  • - Cultivates self-esteem and confidence
  • - Promotes better sleep
  • - Establishes a healthy and balanced routine

An online holistic programme tailored to your needs

We know that no two clients are the same and what may work for one, might not for another. We’ve found that a one size fits all approach is less successful which is why our online programme is specifically designed to be tailored to you, arming you with the most effective, bespoke tools and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Interested in finding out more about Clarity at Home?

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Clarity At Home

You don't need to be alone with your thoughts, emotions, or addictions.
Our online program brings our team of experts to you.