Why Australians Travel to Addiction Rehab Centers in Thailand

The reasons why Australians travel to addiction rehab centers in Thailand like Clarity
Rehab include convenience, affordability, and demand. Private inpatient rehab in
Australia is quite expensive and government-funded rehab has long wait lists because of
the addiction epidemic currently plaguing the country. Yes, The Land Down Under is
also besieged at present with a drug crisis of epidemic proportions, particularly when it
comes to crystal meth addiction.

Thankfully, Thailand is known for its high-quality healthcare that’s in many ways equal
or better than many first-world western countries. Drug addiction’s consequences are
dramatic and far-reaching. You need a service you can depend on so that any given
addict doesn’t fall into that slippery slope of oblivion.

Rehab Tourism vs. Staying Home for Rehab

As an Australian should you stay or should you go to Thailand for rehab treatment?
There are pros and cons to both options that you should be aware of.

Staying in Australia
for Rehab
  • It’s nearer and more
    accessible compared
    to having to travel
    miles away to another
  • You won’t have to travel far in order to
    get treatment
  • Markedly less
    affordable than
    inpatient treatment
    in Thailand even
    when you take into
    consideration travel
  • More out-of-pocket
    expenses, especially
    if you have no
    insurance coverage
    for this rehab type                                                                       
  • Because it’s more
    expensive to stay in
    Australia for rehab,
    you also have to
    settle for shorter
    stays or fewer
    treatment options                                                           
  • Most treatment
    options are
    rehab centers with
    long wait lists                                     
  • Insurance-based
    treatment involves
    mingling with
    patients who have
    issues unrelated to
Availing of Thailand
Rehab Tourism
  • More affordable,
    especially when you
    take into
    consideration food
    and board plus rehab
  • Thailand has some of
    the best healthcare
    services in the world
    with its 1,002 public
    hospitals and 316
    private hospitals                                              
  • You can get more out
    of your money by
    being able to avail of
    more treatment
    options and even
    aftercare services                                                  
  • There are many
    luxury rehab centers
    in Thailand (such as
    Clarity Rehab) that
    mix resort settings
    with effective
    recovery treatments
    in one package deal                                                     
  • There’s more focus
    per patient through
    therapy and with the
    addiction problem
    through group
  • You have to include
    travel to Thailand by
    plane and the hassle
    of traveling overseas
    into consideration                                       
  • Although the staff
    and crew might
    speak English, the
    rest of the locals
    might not.                                                 
  • Overseas rehab isn’t
    as flexible as local
    outpatient rehab,
    particularly when
    you wish to keep
    going to school or
    working at your

FAQs on Thailand Drug Rehab for Australians

The most frequently asked questions that Australians have about overseas drug rehab in Thailand include the following 

  • Why Do Australians Go Overseas for Drug Rehab? Australians have regular
    drug rehab center hotpots all over Asia, specifically its Southeast Asian
    neighbors. Thailand in particular is known for its high-level of healthcare that’s
    comparable to first-world western countries. As of 2010, the country has 1,002
    public hospitals and 316 private hospitals. Aussies are flocking Thailand for
    rehab due to their government’s failure in rehabilitating the addicted. Australia’s
    treatment options are insufficient.                                                                                                                                                               
    There are reports about how easy it is to score crystal meth in Australia despite
    it being labeled a Schedule 8 drug. The citizenry of Australia prefer getting help
    from establishments like Clarity Rehab because it offers special deals like no-
    obligation quotations and free assessments on top of travel packages and
    bargains galore. For these addicts, it’s either they go to government-funded
    treatment with long wait lists or immediate help in a luxury rehab center at one
    of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries.
  • Why Should You Travel Overseas for Addiction Treatment? Going to places
    like Thailand and rehab centers like Clarity is worth it even when local treatment
    options are available to you. This is because compared to Thailand, many of
    these local Australian rehab options are either expensive, has long waiting lists,
    aren’t as focused as foreign rehab centers, or are too focused on outpatient
    treatment. Medical and rehab tourism in Thailand and elsewhere makes rehab
    more affordable for you when push comes to shove.                                                                                                                               
    Sure, it involves travel that can be bothersome, but Thailand is quite near
    Australia. It’s a boat or plane ride away. On top of that, even when you take into consideration travel expenses, it’s still cheaper than what you can get from
    comparable inpatient treatment services. It’s more high quality than standard
    outpatient or government-mandated rehab as well. If you avail of luxury rehab
    like in the case of the Clarity Rehab Center, your stay will feel like a resort stay as
    you undergo important addiction recovery treatment.                                                                                                                                   
  • What’s The Current State of The Australian Addiction Epidemic? Drug
    addiction and substance abuse happens in all metropolitan cities and civilized
    countries across the world that has the technology to make drugs. This naturally
    includes Australia. About half of all Aussies over 14 years old have experimented
    with various drugs such as cannabis, meth, and ecstasy at least once in their
    Furthermore, back in 1990, heroin use rose for about 4 times than what it was
    before previously and ended up affecting about 150,000 Australians. Afterwards,
    in the turn of the century, 250,000 Australian citizens have ended up becoming
    meth users according to statistics. Indeed, the nation continent has a crystal
    meth addiction problem that affects the community at large and many families in
  • How Widespread Is The Addiction Epidemic of Australia? Not only do major
    Australian cities have issues with drug addiction. They all suffer from limited
    choices in drug rehab as well. Such cities in Australia include Sydney, Melbourne,
    Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. In addition, the regional and rural centers of the
    continent are also affected. The treatments for addiction in Australia are all
    based on outpatient paradigms, which include private treatment center use.                                                                                
    The client doesn’t have the opportunity to escape addiction triggers at home
    under the misguided notion that they can still continue their school or work in
    order to beat their deep addiction issues. Insurance-based psychiatric treatment
    is also mixed with clients who suffer from mental conditions unrelated to
    addiction like schizophrenia. Many of these clinics lack dual diagnosis services as
    well. As for government-funded treatments, they involve court-ordered rehab of
    unmotivated and unrepentant addicts forced to go there.                                                                                                                          
  • How Can Overseas Drug Rehab Offer You the Best Chances for Recovery?
    Because addiction is both physiological and psychological, you need to go to a
    rehab center that tackles both. Preferably, get treatment in places like Clarity
    Rehab that offers dual diagnosis and individual treatment tailored to your
    specific needs and conditions that can affect your addiction. In such clinics,
    professional healthcare specialists provide medical therapy and services such as
    detoxification and anti-relapse medicine.                                                                                                                                                          
    Patients undergoing addiction treatment will also achieve recovery through
    group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric therapy, cognitive behavioral
    therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and family therapy. Most importantly,
    affordable inpatient therapy in Thailand allows addicts to remove themselves
    from the environment wherein their addiction developed in the first place.
    Outpatient treatment works fine in the starting phases of addiction, but you need something more intense when dealing with advanced addiction, such as seeking
    treatment in unfamiliar territory.

Why Australians Should Travel to Thailand for Rehab

Let’s further elaborate on the reasons why Aussies should end up in a home away from
home for the sake of rehabilitation, chief among them are the facts that it’s cost-
efficient, simply effective, and quite intense.

  • Medical Tourism and Rehab Tourism: The primary reason why Australians
    travel all the way to Thailand for addiction treatment is affordability. There are
    vacation packages available for not only rehab tourism in the Land of Smiles but
    also for dental tourism, surgical tourism, and medical tourism. To be more
    specific, Thailand healthcare is among the best in the world, and the country is
    using this fact to bolster their tourism industry as well.                                                                                                                             
  • A Wellness Vacation in Every Sense of The Term: Medical tourism allows you
    to have a vacation in Thailand in rehab centers that are like luxury resorts while
    getting world-class rehabilitation treatment. It allows you to kill two birds with
    one stone, such that even if the package deal weren’t affordable it’s still well
    worth your investment quality-wise. Take your wellness vacation unbeknownst
    to friends and family members or even under their encouragement.                                                                                
  • Travel Can Change You For The Better: Travel can improve your character or
    at least change your viewpoint significantly. It can help you mature and learn
    self-control. It roots from the fact that you have to leave everything you know in
    order to acclimate to a different environment. It serves as an opportunity for you
    to change into a better, stronger person. Beating addiction entails transforming
    to a stronger, better person who’s more willful and responsible that you are
    currently. Overseas rehab can assist in that regard.                                                                                                                                     
  • Achieving a Sense of Privacy: You probably don’t want the whole neighborhood
    to know that you’ve become an addict. A wellness vacation to Thailand might
    bring in rumors, sure, but at least it’s not as blatant as going to a local rehab
    center. Going to overseas rehab is a private, confidential method of undergoing
    addiction recovery while saving your reputation, especially if you’re a socially
    prominent individual. This extra layer of secrecy ensures that most people will
    only think you’re going to Thailand as a tourist instead of a recovering addict.                                                                             
  • A Change in Scenery and Breathing Room: You should travel to rehabilitate
    yourself in order to become more enthused about your life, regain a new belief in
    starting fresh, and recover from your dependence on drugs for happiness.Changing your scenery will reinvigorate your spirits and give your life more
    perspective as you undergo various addiction therapies. You’ll also be free and be
    given breathing room from your daily responsibilities and commitments by
    going the overseas rehab tourism route towards sobriety.                                                                                                                          
  • Avoid Stigma and Rejection: In some places, such as the Middle East, addiction
    is both forbidden and cause addicts to be ostracized from their community. Even
    in Australia, there’s a taboo surrounding the subject of addiction and becoming
    an addict. Therefore, it’s encouraging for those suffering from this condition to
    be able to acquire treatment from outside the country without compromising
    their reputation or social standing. They can also get to avoid stressors as well as
    eavesdroppers from making their lives miserable.

What to Look for in Thailand Rehab Centers

When looking for a Thai rehab center that’s a perfect fit for your needs, here are the
things you should look for.

  • Tranquility and Peace: When searching for the right Thai rehab center for you,
    go to the ones that are secluded instead of located in a city center or busy beach.
    You can afford to be picky even when it comes to affordable rehab because
    inpatient treatment will still cost you loads of money regardless. Search for your
    rehab choice like you would for a resort or retreat house. Find a nice balance
    between location, quality, and affordability.                                                                                                                                            
  • Pick Your Panorama: You can find a residential treatment center that’s like a
    boarding house or literal mansion. You can also go for a rehab center in the
    middle of lush mountains or exotic jungles for good measure. You can even find a
    private and isolated beach house or resort if you wish. Go to any place that can
    bring you towards your center of calm. Find peace and remove stress in order to
    face your demons or addiction head-on without being compromised yourself.
    Relapse triggers are real, after all.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Savings and Bargains: Undergoing rehab tourism doesn’t only turn your rehab
    into a luxury rehab and wellness vacation. It’s also significantly cheaper than
    comparable rehab services and inpatient treatment in Australia. It might have
    the same cost as outpatient rehab or be costlier than free government-funded
    rehab, but it’s many times more effective than these treatment options when
    push comes to shove, especially when you’re dealing with severe addiction.                                                                               
  • Temptation Removal: You can’t be tempted to go out drinking at the club or get
    your supply of crystal meth by your local connections if you’re traveling all the
    way to Thailand to get some addiction rehab done. Sure, there are pubs in
    Thailand too, but many rehab centers are far away from these clubs and
    watering holes anyway. You’re supposed to go on a retreat where you’re far
    away from all the triggers that can make you relapse or remain addicted to
    whatever drug you’re dependent upon. Recovered addicts who’ve become
    counselors in their own right will assist you in overcoming your addiction/s.                                                                              
  • Certification and License: Your rehab center of choice in Thailand should have
    a license to run. Their therapists, doctors, nurses, staff, and crew should in turn
    have the proper certifications. To be more specific, centers like Clarity Rehab are
    licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Health. Double-checking certifications will
    enable you, the patient, to ensure you’re being tended to by a legit organization
    instead of a fly-by-night operation out to scam you.                                                                                                                                           
  • A Professional Environment: You should search for a rehab program and
    center that are accredited and world-class. You want pros to take care of you all-
    day, every day. They’re the ones who’ll ensure you’ll get international-grade
    treatment for addiction recognized the world over. You should also pick a rehab
    center that’s sensitive to your culture. Australians go to Thailand because most of
    their centers have English-speaking staff and healthcare providers that are
    hospitable, welcoming, and understanding

In Conclusion

About 53 percent of a group of 914 Australians reported that meth was their first drug
injected into their bodies, according to one study. Therefore, these addicts are in need of
rehabilitation and recovery assistance in a stealthy fashion since people knowing
they’re going to rehab can impact their social reputation. Indulging in rehab tourism at a
luxury rehab center will ensure that your chances for success will increase dramatically.                                                                                  
Australian addicts wish to go to the Land of Smiles for drug rehab versus anywhere else
because of its nearness and its effectiveness at its job. What’s more, a wellness vacation
to their nearest Southeast Asian neighbor Thailand is a great way for them to recover
from addiction through first-world medical care while at the same time getting luxury
resort pampering. It’s certainly less intimidating than the hospital-like environment of
local Australian rehab centers..

Travel from Australia to Clarity Rehab Now

Seek Clarity and Sobriety in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Clarity Rehab

Contact the Clarity    staff and crew in Thailand to acquire help when it comes to addiction to meth in Australia. Thailand is an affordable single flight away from Australia. As such, it’s quite convenient to get dependable rehab service in centers like Clarity Rehab Center
and its internationally accredited doctors, counselors, and therapists who themselves are
former addicts who’ve been there and done that.                                                                                                                                                                   
Call Clarity Rehab’s toll-free number for more info. They’re available 24 hours a day and 7
days a week. At Clarity, they’re devoted to help those living with addiction find a long-
lasting road towards sobriety.


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