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Clarity Treatment Centre

The Mission Statement at Clarity

To provide our clients with the best environment in which they can relax and recover, and find a new way to live, and to help our clients achieve the kind of clarity that results in permanent, long term recovery.

24/7 Support

Our team is on site and available, around the clock.

First Hand Experience

Our team have a range of experience to share with you.

Unique Approaches

Each of our team have something unique to give offer our clients.

Do you, or a loved one, need help? Contact us for a free consultation with a professional today.

Our People

About Our Team at Clarity

The Clarity team is made up of a unique, highly trained, extraordinary group of individuals who each have something special to bring to the lives of our clients. Despite all of our team being different in their own way, we all have one thing in common; the desire to help people recover and achieve clarity in their lives. Our team is made up of people from all different walks of lives, from ironman triathletes, boot camp instructors, anime lovers, animal enthusiasts, and we even have Lei, our live in Monk and lead of our meditation program. Ultimately, our personable team is hand picked based on what they can offer our clients. The majority of us are in recovery ourselves, so we know exactly what its like, first hand. We’re always up for a chat, a laugh, and we are here, for you.

So Who Are We?

Ultimately, our team is a collective of extraordinary individuals who have a passion for helping people. We are here to assist, 24/7.

Why Clarity?

"A lot of people underestimate rest, especially sleeping and recovery time."

Clarity offers our clients a treatment experience that is second to none. Our programs are designed using cutting edge evidence based approaches and are delivered by highly trained individuals who have a passion for helping people. Our luxury, secluded centre boasts bespoke facilities that provide our clients with everything necessary and more to embark on the journey of recovery. Located just east of Chiang Mai, Clarity is situated in an incredible location, surrounded by nature, which promotes relaxation and focus for our clients. We are just a small journey away from many tourist attractions and adventure destinations too so there are many activities on offer.


The Place & The People

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Sometimes, all that is needed is a little Clarity

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