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4 steps to help you prepare for heroin addiction recovery

Starting your journey of recovery from being heavily addicted to heroin is, more often than not, a struggle which can be exceptionally daunting. This is due to the physical effects of the drug and fear of the consequences of not using. Heroin is one of the most physically addictive drugs available on the street and as such, giving up the drug can come with some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as excessive sweating, nausea and diarrhea, paranoia, severe anxiety, and spontaneous aggression. In order to avoid these, addicts just continue using the drug, however, if you are deciding to go into residential rehab for heroin addiction, here are four ways you can help- prepare yourself physically, mentally and in terms of day to day responsibilities while you are away.

1.      Find out what you need to bring

Most rehab residences have different requirements for what you will need to provide for yourself during your stay. Normally, a facility will supply you with a list of items they will provide ahead of time. Usually, this will also come with a list of stuff not provided that you will have to arrange for yourself. For essential items like medications, you must find out your rehab centers policy surrounding this as many facilities heavily regulate the kind of medication their residents bring in for obvious reasons. Typically, medicines used to treat a preexisting condition confirmed by your doctor should be allowed provided they are non-addictive in nature.

You will also need to provide items like comfortable clothing that will help you feel at ease, however, bringing an assortment of different clothes can help you feel good about yourself on special occasions and visitation days. Another important question to ask is about the facilities policy on electronics and cellphones as some rehab clinics do not allow any kind of electronics in order to allow their patients to focus solely on their recovery process.

2.      Have clear goals for your recovery

Sitting down and thinking about what you really want to achieve through recovery and transcribing those thoughts onto paper is a very useful way to help keep your mind focused on the reason for your stay while attending rehab. Maybe your focus is to correct the path of your life at the moment and improve your future prospects, or perhaps your goal is to be clean and heroin-free in order to care for your family, whatever your ultimate aim is when times get tough at your facility you can look on this to keep you motivated and focused on why you are there.

This is most likely one of the questions you will be asked upon arrival and many programmes actually use this kind of reasoning as part of their treatment. Focusing on positive, recovery-oriented goals will help you come to terms with and deal with your heroin abuse issues.

3.      Make arrangements for your family, financial and employment commitments

Just because you are going into residential rehab in order to perform self-betterment and deal with your heroin addiction, it does not mean that you have to put your life on hold and start again when you come back. If you have employment commitments it is important that you are upfront with your employer in regards to the time off you are taking. In some countries and jurisdictions. There are exceptions in the law which protect you from termination for this kind of leave. However, revealing this information to your employer can have negative consequences in other parts of the world so make sure you know your rights before you have this conversation.

In regards to caring for your family, arranging proper care for your children if you are a sole caregiver is essential as you will no doubt miss them and making sure they are being properly cared for will help ease this to some extent. Things like financial concerns will probably be the last thing you want to deal with, however ensuring that things like you rent and utilities are being paid during your absence is a great benefit upon your return. Sticking to your new commitment and staying sober will be much more difficult if you have rent arrears and huge bills to deal with when you get back.

4.      Final preparations

Making sure you have everything ready before you leave, you now need to arrange transportation from where you live to the facility. If it is a fairly local clinic then you can most likely get a bus or train to the vicinity of the center and arrange a taxi from there. However, a more popular option these days is to go abroad away from everything you know in order to fully focus on yourself, such as rehab clinics in Thailand. If you are going for an option like this you need to ensure you have arranged your flight, visa and pre-boarding requirements in order to ensure a stress-free flight.

With heroin being one of the more common addictions we see here at Clarity, we have the experience, expertise, and facilities to help you focus on your treatment and goals. Set in the heart of beautiful Chaing Mai, Thailand, we help remove you from any toxic situation you may be experiencing at home and aim to give our residents a new outlook on life. One that doesn’t involve heroin and the negative effects that come with it. Please follow this link for more information on how we help our residents overcome their issues around heroin addiction.

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